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UI/UX Design & Development Services: Offer User-Friendly Experience to Customers

Generally speaking, when it comes to user experience design, it often implies creating products that deliver utility. However, at times, people are more focused on how to achieve that, instead of comprehending the expectations of customers properly. This can result in creation of a product that people don’t require in the first place. User-centric design is not just about having a fancy website with lots of visual effects. Rather, it is an approach that helps to create an amazing user-friendly website.

At Digital Mitro, our extensive expertise in UI/UX design and development services has allowed us to disentangle and improve the interaction between the digital presence of our clients and their target audience. Irrespective of whether your requirement is a website, social media campaign, mobile application or email campaign, we can cater designs that promise a unique and intriguing digital experience. Our professional UX & design services have helped our patrons to craft persuasive digital media experiences that not only encourage customer loyalty, but also elevate brand value.

Why Should You Invest in Professional UI/UX Design Services?

  1. Steer clear of erroneous user flows and too many features by substantiating potential solutions and ideas through economical UX services.
  2. Fulfill the needs of your target audience through human-oriented and all-inclusive UI design services, design research and user experience solutions.
  3. Ensure maximum exposure to the target audience along with better customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction through customer-centric design research process.
  4. Enhance future adoption of products through application of professional UX and design services that are better suited to user preferences and requirements.
  5. Improve the rates of client acquisition as well as retention by investing in purpose-built designs.

We Help Build Interactive User Experiences

Our creative team at Digital Mitro is dedicated to guarantee user satisfaction through augmentation of the ease of usage, the appeal and the experience offered by the products that we build. We are greatly knowledgeable of the latest design concepts and best practices for building exemplary user interaction and experience. We do more than simply creating effective website designs – our team conducts thorough user testing along with code optimization to enhance performance. Thanks to our proficient UI & UX designers blessed with the skills to determine the most sound strategies and data architecture, we are able to make products that fulfill user requisites of users and provide competitive benefits over alternative solutions.

What Does Our UI/UX Design Procedure Involve?

UX Research – For designing an excellent product, it is vital for us to understand your users extensively, the context in which they are going to utilize your product, as well as the needs they are expecting to be fulfilled by your product. That’s what we do throughout the research phase – the foremost step in the process of building your user interface.

UX Strategy – Our UX strategy is basically a plan that defines the functionality of your product. To ensure effective visualization of any UX strategy, we utilize wireframes that help align the product with its technical capabilities and user requirements.

  • Client journey map – This particular element outlines several points between a product and a user that have to be designed.
  • User flows – These are illustrations that show the course taken by a user while using your product – right from the entry point till the final interaction.
  • Wireframes – Wireframes are essentially page layouts detailing the elements on every page as well as the connections between them.

User Interview – This is one of the most essential methods employed by our UX designers and developers for concept development. We do this in order to have maximum information for making apt design decisions.

Visual Research – The primary reason behind visual research is to have a solid idea of the expected UI design. We study our competition extensively, as well as the design styles popular in your region & industry, and assemble all of this data into the design process.

Visual Direction – We fabricate each element directly on the user interface, including buttons, icons, colour schemes and typography, so as to establish an innovative experience for your target audience. The appeal and feel of your product are developed with a substantial focus on user engagement. In case there is a particular set of design benchmarks that you want us to follow, we will make sure to integrate them into our process.

Which Design Segments Do We Work In?

Being a top-notch UI/UX design company in Kolkata, we aid businesses in cultivating robust emotional relationships with their target audience via indelible brand experiences and attractive visual designs. Uber-personalization and emotions play a pivotal role in moulding the behaviour of consumers in today’s era. That is the main reason why we lay so much emphasis on human-centric customer experience in order to improve brand loyalty with time. An impressionable and accessible design is a dynamic asset to proliferate faster than your rivals, enhance customer acquisition and boost lead conversions.

Web Design

Operate your business more efficiently with responsive, adaptive and platform-specific web designs built as per environment specifications, device type and requisites.

Mobile App Design

Guarantee captivating customer experience and augment the efficacy of your digital presence via streamlined and innovative mobile designs with our UI/UX design and development services.

Graphic Design

Drive business growth with a powerful visual identity and stay ahead of your rivals by making a durable impression on your customers with our UI design solutions.

Why Choose Digital Mitro As Your UI UX Design Agency in Kolkata?

There are several reasons why Digital Mitro has managed to garner a great number of loyal customers over the years. As the best UI UX design agency in Kolkata, we are always willing to go the extra mile for making sure that the latest resources and assets are deployed to create a sound user-friendly digital presence for you.

User-oriented approach

Our team provides complete attention to the demands and requisites of end-users, and in turn, improves your target audience and ROI. Our skillful team of designers and developers utilize the best standards & practices to amplify the efficiency and utility of your design.

Extensive expertise

Our designers and developers have built a wide range of applications and websites for various industries.


From scalable software applications to simple apps, our knowledgeable team can aid you to transform your ideas into reality using state-of-the-art technology and tools combined with an industry-proven design approach

Amicable & transparent

As an experienced UI UX design company in Kolkata, we ensure absolute visibility and maintain several communication channels right from the beginning of your project. We also schedule regular calls with all of our clients to keep them abreast of their project’s progress.

If you’re on the hunt for professional UX & design services at economical rates, reach out to the good people of Digital Mitro today!


UI/UX Design & Development Services Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Mitro provides a broad range of UI/UX design solutions including:

  • Web design
  • App design
  • Brand and logo design
  • Graphic design

UX is the abbreviation for user experience and defines any app that establishes an interesting user experience capable of converting leads into successful sales. On the other hand, UI is the short form for user interface and helps determine the way users interact with your website or mobile app. It encompasses how elements like pictures, buttons, colours and content are organized.

The charges for our UI/UX design are decided by a number of factors including design complexity, features integrated, product category, screens required to be designed, animation effects, and more. Reach out to us with your design requisites for a free quotation.

Yes, it is. Digital Mitro is the best web design agency for startups and small businesses. We design entirely mobile responsive websites so that you don’t miss a valuable or potential client. We deliver completely mobile-friendly websites to make the user experience optimum.

The tools that we utilize to provide UI/UX design and development solutions include the following:

  • Adobe XD
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Zeplin
  • After Effects
  • Sketch
  • Figma


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