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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the modern-day marketing methods where you can utilize the best business results by tilting the sales figure in your favor. If you can increase at least a 0.5% conversion rate then it can become an increase of 100% in sales. Digital Mitro is the best Conversion Rate Optimization agency in Kolkata, India. We combine the ultimate effectiveness of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with traffic flow analysis and heat maps. We also focus on testing to optimize the entire user journey.

Our exemplary Conversion Rate Optimization services will boost your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services at Digital Mitro

Being the best Conversion Rate Optimization agency, we live by the uncomfortable truths and myths. Unless you back up all of your traffic with a conversation plan then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive, all of it will go in vain – but not with us. Our out-of-the-box strategy and ingenious Conversion Rate Optimization approach delivers the right results in these circumstances.
If you think of your business as a harmonious painting then we are your artists who will do the painting and maintain the harmony. Our effective approach can take the visitors of your business through a comprehensive, effective and simple sales funnel to boost and maximize profitability. You can utilize the most of your efforts.
How we do it?
By –

  • Effective, thorough, precise and well-researched testing
  • Carefully done well optimization

Why Pick Us

Being one of the leading Conversion Rate Optimization companies in Kolkata, India, we understand what is CRO and how to make the most of it. Search engines are complicated but most of the time they are quite reliable. We figure out how to use your business resources with proper expertise so that sales odds stay in your favor. These are our top focusing factor –

  • Changing and dynamic human audience
  • Demographic makeup
  • Complex customer behavior
  • Changing patterns


CRO is an art to use where we love to perform what we do the best.
We have decades of experience and that’s what tells us to approach individuals’ complete Conversion Rate Optimization project with a unique, personalized and solid plan. As we are one of the top Conversion Rate Optimization companies so, we ensure the best results by analyzing a combination of data and passionate testing.
It makes the CRO results unique, different and special that delivers a massive improvement to the sales funnel with a high ROI.

Our Two-Step Approach

  • First, we figure out what is going wrong by taking a look at bounce rates, pages, turn-offs, forms, designs and other relevant aspects
  • After we decide what to do things right and how to do it with our expertise. Beginning from blog optimization to e-commerce conversion, we build the page exactly where customers want to stay. We obtain the results by analysis, research and rigorous testing.

Let us help your business make a wonderful painting. We will become your artists.


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