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Technical SEO Services

Digital Mitro with its expertise in technical SEO can help your business gain visibility in an ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Professional Technical SEO Services: The Stepping Stone to Constructing a Pleasing Search Experience

Search engines are constantly trying to provide the best search experience to their customers. This comes in the form of more relevant answers to common questions, snippets of useful information from trusted websites, etc. To get into the zone where search engines trust your content, professional technical SEO services must be employed.


Technical on-page SEO contains several elements like site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), content quality, robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), XML sitemap status, etc. These aspects determine a website’s online performance. According to data provided by Google, a page load speed of 10 seconds increases bounce rate by over 120%. On mobile, this is more severe. A one-second delay in mobile page load times can result in a 20 percent drop in conversion rate, a 16 percent decline in customer satisfaction, and an over 10 percent reduction in page views.

Digital Mitro understands the importance of ranking high on relevant search queries and ensures the delivery of technical SEO services to optimize your website with the help of vastly experienced SEO optimization experts. The professional technical SEO services delivered by us not only make your web pages load faster, but also optimized them to be efficiently crawled by search engines like Google. Our SEO experts are always keeping in touch with the latest developments in search algorithms to keep your website ranking high.

Why Choose Digital Mitro for Technical SEO?

Over the past decade, the need for improvement in professional technical SEO services has become imperative to content success. According to Hootsuite, there are over 5.31 billion unique smartphone users in the world as of January 2022. The fast-growing number of mobile users has given rise to mobile-first websites. Partnering with Digital Mitro for technical SEO services will allow your business to reap the benefits of modern SEO techniques. With clients within India and abroad, we have played a pivotal role in optimizing websites for small and medium businesses to large enterprises alike. Our combined experience as a team in bringing you the best in technical SEO is a matter of pride for Digital Mitro.


Irrespective of whether you have just started your website or are an established business, our professional approach to each project ensures quality and attention.

Why We Are Among The Favourites?

Digital Mitro is the best WordPress Development Company that has assembled certified developers who are dedicated to amaze clients with superiority and refinement. Our company is trusted by many national and international organizations.

What Do We Offer?

If you have been on the hunt for technical SEO services to optimize your website for the worldwide web of tomorrow, you need not look further than Digital Mitro. From creating detailed XML sitemaps, optimizing URL structures, simplifying site architecture, and more, we are committed to helping you to make a great first impression on potential customers. As one of the leading technical SEO service agencies in India, here are the details of what we offer:

Crawl Optimization

A crawl report provides crucial information regarding any site errors that need to be corrected. This helps us determine if your site has any missing H1/H2 tags, site-wide duplicate content, and low page speeds. These are the most pressing technical SEO issues encountered by businesses. Our professional technical SEO professionals ensure that such errors are eradicated from your website regularly.

HTTPS Status Check

It is often possible that some or all pages of your website do not have HTTPS URLs. HTTPS status is a major component of website ranking algorithms, and optimizing for this will ensure search engines do not skip any website pages. Our SEO experts ensure that all your websites are optimized for the same.

XML Sitemap

Our professional technical SEO service professionals ensure that your XML sitemap is pristine and returns status codes of 200 with proper canonical tags. This ensures that you do not waste your valuable time and budget on broken and duplicate links.

Site Load Time Optimization

With Google’s adoption of mobile-first indexing, site load times have become extremely crucial to high ranking. To take advantage of this approach, our SEO experts optimize your website content to enable quick loading across devices.

Mobile-Friendly SEO

Building on the previous point, the visibility of website content on mobile devices is a make or break for marketers today. Our mobile-first SEO team ensures that content is legible and easy to access using techniques like image compression and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and others.

Site Index Optimization

It is important to make sure that visitors only see the pages meant for them. Optimization of the site index by our index optimization team ensures no relevant pages are inaccessible to both customers and web crawlers alike.

Metadata Cleanup

Crucial for e-commerce websites with lots of products, meta descriptions of listed products need to be unique to ensure search engines do not confuse two pages due to similar descriptions. Our team ensures each page has a truly unique meta description that can match a customer’s search query.

Site-wide content cleanup

Duplicate content can creep into pages from the internet as well as from your website. Search engines penalize duplication of content as plagiarization. Here, our content experts help you maintain unique content across your website.

Link Optimization

Tying all of the above together are working links to your website. Broken links result in search engine penalization, crawl budget waste, and turn away potential customers. Our professional technical SEO service team ensures each link is up and running with relevant content that delights your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions about Technical SEO Services

Since our inception, we have set up and managed the technical SEO for more than 300 websites for small and large enterprises alike. Our portfolio will allow you to gain insights into our body of work over the years, and reach an informed decision regarding your technical SEO service requirements.

Digital Mitro will take care of all the elements of technical SEO such as page titles, meta tags & descriptions, canonical tags, heading tags, AMP pages, sitemaps, javascript, and more. At Digital Mitro, we apply the latest technical SEO techniques to make your website rank higher for more search queries. Additionally, we will ensure your website’s mobile-friendliness to not miss out on any mobile customers.

We at Digital Mitro will perform a deep crawl of your website and determine its strengths and weaknesses. Next, we will look into the content. Optimizing keyword research, metadata, analyzing competitor offerings to differentiate your offerings, and building content maps to make content navigation easier.


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