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Digital Mitro with its expertise in customized android app development can help your business grow its customer base and stay ahead of competitors.

Android App Development Services: The Stepping Stone to Long Term Brand Loyalty

Recent user engagement studies have shown that users with mobile devices spend over 85% of their time on mobile apps and just 12% to 15% of the time on mobile websites. Hence, having a mobile application for your growing business can have a dramatic on user engagement, interaction, and growth. A mobile application helps reduce the friction of finding your website on the web. To grow your business to the next level, it’s imperative to employ android app development services.

You cannot be building a mobile application and not focus on android first. As of January 2022, android accounted for over 70% of global smartphone operating systems. This gives you access to the 3.7 Billion strong unique android users around the globe. Additionally, the amount of time spent by users on mobile devices is increasing year on year. Each day, an average internet user spends over 7 hours on the internet on mobile and laptop devices combined.

Digital Mitro understands the importance of reaching your target audience with the least friction and ensures the delivery of android app development services with the help of vastly experienced android app developers. Our team of the best android app developers helps you provide the best in-app experience to your customers that results in conversions and repeat visits year after year.

Why Choose Digital Mitro for Android App Development?

Over the past decade, the ubiquity of android smartphones around the globe has resulted in a massive ecosystem of android apps that help customers interact with the products and services of their favorite brands. According to Hootsuite, there are over 5.31 billion unique smartphone users in the world as of January 2022. The fast-growing number of mobile users has given rise to high-quality, responsive, and intelligently designed android applications. Partnering with Digital Mitro for android app development will allow your business to reap the benefits of responsive app design. With clients within India and abroad, we have played a pivotal role in building high-quality responsive android applications for both small and medium enterprises and large enterprises. Our experienced team of android app developers prides itself on bringing you the latest in android app development through Digital Mitro, the best android app development company in India.

Irrespective of whether you are an established business newly investing in an android app, or a new business with a mobile-first focus, our professional approach to each project ensures quality and attention.

What Do We Offer?

If you have been on the hunt for android app development services to grow your business to the next level, you need not look further than Digital Mitro. From full-cycle development, code audits for existing apps, server-side API development, etc, we provide all the essential services needed for improving your current apps, as well as developing new applications from the ground up. As one of the leading android application development companies in India, here are the details of what we offer:

Why We Are Different From Our Competitors?

Frontend Development

The frontend of your app is what the customers directly interact with. Generally referred to as client-side, this includes all the images, colors, text, buttons, and other interactive elements of the app that allow navigation of the application data. Since a customer’s first interaction on the app determines their likelihood to come back to it in the future, building a fast, responsive, and attractive app is what differentiates you from the competition. Using the latest technologies such as reactJS, Kotlin, HTML5, CSS 3, etc, our android app developers ensure that you and your customers get to experience the latest in responsive design and eye-catching visuals. Our team of experienced frontend developers focuses on crucial factors such as app responsiveness and performance. They also make sure that the app scales across devices and screen sizes, which makes sure that users experience the same responsive design irrespective of their device.

Backend Development

The backend is also known as the server-side of a website or application. The backend’s job is to store and retrieve data efficiently so that the frontend is running 24X7. Users may never interact with the backend, but its functions are indispensable to the user experience. Our android app development services rely on the cutting edge of backend development using NodeJS, Javascript, C++, and Java, among others. Using database technologies such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB, our android app developers ensure that your website database is always up-to-date, online, and ready for your customers any time of the day.

Full Stack Development

: Full-stack development brings the best of frontend and backend development into one. It requires knowledge of both backend and frontend technologies. Our talented team of experienced full-stack developers helps bring the frontend and backend together with cohesion, removing any irregularities in communication between the two crucial cogs of your application.


Frequently Asked Questions about Android App Development Services

Since our inception, we have set up and managed android applications for more than 300 clients ranging from e-commerce platforms, mobile games, fitness apps, etc. Our portfolio will allow you to gain insights into our body of work over the years, and reach an informed decision regarding your android app development service requirements.

At Digital Mitro, we offer a full range of services that include frontend, backend, and full-stack development. We also manage and improve app performance and responsiveness during the app’s lifecycle. You can rest assured that all your development needs will be met at Digital Mitro

At Digital Mitro, we operate servers configured to automatically back up every day, both on-site via standard backups in case of total server failure, in addition to a secure and redundant off-site backup located in India. This ensures multiple layers of redundancy for your applications, enabling quick and complete data recovery.


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